Friday review #2 – Things I bought that I love

So for this week there are a few things I want to share with you.

I bought this beautiful book from French photografer  Antoine Bruy, I just got it but I flipped it through and the photos are gorgeous, from a 3 years trip taking photos of people living off grid away from civilization.

Objects I love

These days I am very interested about consuming products that are ethicaly made, not harming the planet and that I can trace where it comes from, not easy at all, specially when you also want them to the practical and beautiful, but hey! If I am gonna spend money on something it better be worth my while.

Here are a few brands that I find interesting,

1. Patagonia, it’s the most known outdoors brand, I don’t always love their designs, but they have some classics that are worth having, from them I have a light jacket, a baseball hat and an organic cotton t-shirt.

2.  Knives, they are handy to have when you are in nature, for day van trips, I always carry one on myself. I bought mine in a little tiny convenient store in the French Pirinees ina town called Lescun, I love this town, I always try to stop there when I go surfing to Hossegor. The brand is called OPINEL and the are under 20 euros and it works amazingly well, I’ve been using it everyday for a year now and works like the first day.

3. My coffee mug, it is one of my latest purchases, I am a big coffee drinker, I make my own coffee in here at the cabin religiously every morning, (I try to stick to one a day to keep my nervous system in check), but when I go to the city for work, I really take advantage and drink my coffee from all my favorite coffeeshops and because I don’t want to use desposable cups I always carry my Pantai coffee mug. I love it, it’ keep my coffee warm, it doesn’t spill and by buying it I help the ocean through the Pantai organization.

4. Last but my favorite of all times, my wool jacket hand made I bought in Mexico from a local family in the mountains of Valle de Bravo, at over 3.000 meters over sea level. It is truly amazing, it’s warm, confortable, it doesn’t itch at all. I always say to my family that I want to be buried wearing it, I mean it’s confortable, plus it looks like it’ll last forever.

Here is me gooffing around when I just

bought it.

That’s it guys for these week, I hope you are staying safe, namaste!!