Sunday’s review

It’s been a while since I shared findings and jewels from the internet, the truth is that I haven’t been much online lately. But here is a few things I want to share with you that I think you’ll find interesting.

My love for Mexico since my last adventure there it keep growing, here is what could perfectly my ideal surf hideout place for some time, a beach house in Puerto Escondido.

And if you are looking for a new blog to enjoy outdoors gear, cabins or inspiring stories of adventures who explore the wild, this is a great site.

I’ve been also researching tour bikes and how to pack it for long journeys. I’m thinking of taking a few days, perhaps weeks on the road, and this is some of the ideas I’ve collected on my pinterest, some of these people are really creative packing.

That’s it for today my friends, I wish you a great Sunday and a great week to come.